Indiana Pacers defensive struggles: Struggling with inconsistencies and defensive breakdowns

The Indiana Pacers struggled defensively, allowing the Toronto Raptors to score 130 points, including 78 in the paint and 33 from the cut, highlighting their inconsistency on defense.

Indiana Pacers

The loss halted their positive momentum following the All-Star break, demonstrating their ongoing challenge with defensive reliability.

by numbers
Indiana allowed the Raptors to score 130 points, including 78 in the paint and 33 from cuts.
state of play
Before the loss, the Pacers had won six of their last eight games, leading to an improving defensive performance.
Despite the defensive inconsistencies, the team has avoided a long losing streak and will look to bounce back against the New Orleans Pelicans.

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ground level
The Pacers’ defensive struggles, particularly inconsistency in preventing high-scoring play in the paint and cuts, have hindered their ability to maintain winning momentum, posing a significant challenge moving forward.


Pascal Siakam shines with Indiana Pacers in win over New Orleans Pelicans

Pascal Siakam has been on a roll with the Indiana Pacers, scoring over 20 points in four of his last five games, culminating in a standout performance against the New Orleans Pelicans.

big picture
Siakam’s improved rapport with his new team and star guard Tyrese Haliburton is leading to more impressive performances and better chemistry on the court.

by numbers
Siakam scored 24 points, 11 rebounds and 5 assists in the game against the New Orleans Pelicans.
He has averaged about 17 shot attempts per game since the All-Star break, up from 13.8 attempts in previous games.


state of play
Siakam’s improved instincts and chemistry are evident in his game, impacting both ends of the court.
His partnership with Haliburton, especially in 1-4 action, has been vital to the Pacers’ success.
ground level
Siakam’s growing comfort and familiarity with the Pacers, especially teaming up with Haliburton, is elevating his play and contributing to the team’s success on the court.

New Orleans Pelicans vs Indiana Pacers: Match Preview, Score, Stream, Time, Channel

The New Orleans Pelicans are leading the Indiana Pacers 77-56 at halftime after a tough loss in their last game. The Pelicans have extra motivation to win today after their last loss to the Pacers. The matchup is scheduled for Friday, March 1, 2024 at 8 PM IST. ET at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans.

by numbers
Current record: Indiana 34–26, New Orleans 35–25
Ticket Cost: $8.00
yes but
The Pacers are expected to lose by five points, but they have performed well recently and have won four out of their last five games.

state of play
The Pelicans are 5-point favorites in the upcoming game against the Pacers.
Both teams have registered 5 wins each in their last 10 matches against each other.

Indiana won the last match against New Orleans with a score of 123–114.
ground level

Determined to avenge their previous defeat, the Pelicans held a strong lead against the Pacers at halftime. The upcoming game promises to be a competitive clash between two teams with impressive shooting abilities, setting the stage for an intense showdown.

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