2024 budget approved

Funding increase of €2.35M to begin rebalancing investment in high performance and grassroots sport

2024 budget approved

DUBLIN – The Irish Cricket Board has approved a 2024 budget with increased investment in high performance, grassroots, facilities and infrastructure.

The expenditure of €16.1M is an increase of €2.35M over 2023 and signals the beginning of a new era for Irish cricket through which greater emphasis is being placed on balancing investment in both high performance and grassroots games. , which was a prominent theory until recently. Board discussion.

Here is what you need to know.

Budget 2024: Main story

The budget of €16.1 million is the highest on record for Irish cricket’s national governing body – with approximately €2.35 million additional investment compared to the previous year.
The Irish Cricket Board has mandated that funding from International Cricket Council member distributions be invested across the game – rebalancing investment priorities between high performance, grassroots and facilities and infrastructure.

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Projections for 2024 indicate there will be a €480K surplus this year which will help repay the debt to the ICC and return Cricket Ireland to a positive reserve position in the coming years.
Snapshot: where the money is being invested
The summary of investments in 2024 is as follows:

game development

In the latest Budget, Cricket Ireland has increased funding for game development, underscoring our commitment to growing the game at all levels. This increase – with additional grant support from both Sport Ireland and Sport Northern Ireland – will see investment focused on fostering innovation, enhancing inclusivity and strengthening volunteer engagement. Focusing on these strategic areas will benefit community cricket and participation programs and ensure that Cricket Ireland and provincial associations are equipped to support clubs, schools and communities to play more cricket.

The budget will see an almost 83% funding increase in partnership activities (up to €165K) covering activities such as education curriculum, safety, Smash It and It’s Wicket! Program..

The funding will also support over €400K in government-funded programs in 2024.

Additionally, the Club Fund will be re-established in 2024 – in the first year it will focus on small-scale capital projects and other projects at club level (e.g. inclusion programmes, coaching projects). The intention is to increase this fund year after year. More details will be released later in 2024.

provincial union

It is recognized that provincial associations have a positive track record of increasing their own funding to support cricket in their provincial association. However, Cricket Ireland will continue to invest and support the grassroots in a number of ways.

Additional funding support has been invested in Munster Cricket to help establish the organization on the same level as other provincial associations – this funding will enable:

Recruitment of two full-time development officers; And
A full-time operations manager in Munster
Cricket Leinster, Northern Cricket Union and North West Cricket Union have received an incremental delivery increase of 20%, this funding includes an additional development officer on the ground in each PU and provision has also been increased for Inter-Pro Head Coaches ( This is in recognition of PU’s investment in its head coaches, so Cricket Ireland has increased funding for these positions).

Allocation of €15K for Connacht Cricket Union to begin the process of formal affiliation with Cricket Ireland. We are working closely with CCU to grow the game in the West and realize our vision of developing cricket in every province. This investment will help accelerate the formal incorporation of CCU as the fifth provincial union and enable some key local projects.

PU will additionally receive a cost-of-living increase for staff – with an emphasis on the lowest paid staff members.

high performance

Approximately €8.5M is being invested in men’s and women’s international cricket, international talent pathways, hosting matches and away tours in 2024 (the full international fixture program will be announced separately).

This increased investment will have a variety of benefits, including:

  • Funding for the women’s high performance program will increase by 50%, while the men’s program will increase by 17%. This will be a combination of coaching, support staff and player remuneration;
  • A full-time Performance Services Manager will be confirmed to oversee the entire sports science program around men’s, women’s and track; And
  • A new strength and conditioning coach will be brought in at the end of the year to work primarily with the men’s and women’s international teams.

Cricket Ireland and the Irish Cricketers’ Association are currently finalizing the first Memorandum of Understanding which will structure the relationship between the two bodies around a number of items including player remuneration. It is designed to replicate best practice from around the world in other FICA-aligned countries, and details will be released following the end of that process.

It should also be noted that investment in domestic events in 2024 will amount to €2.6M – the highest ever and an increase of €175K compared to last year.

Facilities, location and operations

Approximately €1.4M is being invested in facilities and operations – an increase of 28% over 2023.

This increased investment will have a variety of benefits, including:

Increase in ODI ground maintenance allocation;
An increase in venue rental charges for hosting international and domestic representative cricket that reflects inflation and associated operating costs;
An investment has been made in elite match officials to professionalise the operation and finance the development and training of elite umpires, scorers and match referees (see story);
More Super Series games are being played in the two northern provinces, further highlighting the women’s game in Northern Ireland;

Increase in match fees and operational support for Super Series players; And
Access to the Cricket Ireland High Performance Center has been extended to six days a week.
In addition, Cricket Ireland will finalize multi-year agreements with four ODI-rated grounds and complete a holistic sporting facilities strategy that looks at the sporting infrastructure and facility requirements across Ireland.

Administration and organizational costs

Administration costs will increase by 3% in 2024.

This also includes:

Investments will be made in IT and other systems to create more efficient and cost-effective operations, including an integrated finance system to reflect the increasing complexity of operations; And
Cricket Ireland employees will receive a cost of living increase, with an emphasis on the lowest paid employees.
Additionally, costs have been saved through the use of advanced livestreams as opposed to onsite broadcast operations for all domestic internationals in 2024.

Scene: Rebalancing Budget Priorities
Cricket Ireland Chairman Brian McNeice said:

“The announcement we have made today reflects the Board’s commitment to growing cricket at all levels of the game. Entering the new ICC funding cycle, the Board was determined to ensure that any increase in funding benefited the entire game. We have now approved a budget that is in line with the vision to grow the game from grassroots to international level.

“We are looking at approximately €2.3M of additional investment in Irish cricket, the vast majority split fairly evenly between grassroots and participation, supporting our cricket operations and facilities and rewarding our men and women players.

“And we are doing all of these and more while trying to keep up with the demand for playing and hosting intense amounts of cricket in an affordable manner.

“Very soon we will release our new strategic plan that will outline our rebalancing philosophy over this funding cycle. The new investment in 2024 marks the beginning of a period of growth, and the Board and staff are excited for what lies ahead.

Cricket Ireland CEO Warren Deutrom said:

“This is a budget for Irish cricket and takes us on the right path to growing the game at all levels.

“It is now clear that we can expect approximately US$70 million from the ICC over the next four years – however, this funding phase has been weighted towards the back end, where approximately 40% of this funding will come in 2027. It may come, if so ICC does not postpone it till the next cycle.

“In consideration of this, the board asked management to take a step back and consider where the areas of greatest impact were across the game. While this budget will see an investment of over €2.3M in Irish cricket, we recognize that there are wider needs and improvements to be made and 2024 is just the beginning of the journey.


“We need to not only address those areas of immediate need, but also look towards the long-term future of the sport and begin to lay the foundations for a more sustainable and growth-oriented sport. The last 10 years have seen dramatic changes to our game and our organization, but the next 10 years may be even more important to our long-term successes.

More details about budget investments and the new strategic plan will be released shortly, starting with the announcement of the International Stability Programme.

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