‘Rohit Sharma doesn’t want…’: Yashasvi Jaiswal’s poor IPL 2024 form sparks debate on T20 World Cup

The opening pair of Rohit Sharma and Yashasvi Jaiswal gave some strong starts to India during the 5-match Test series against England.

Rohit Sharma doesn't want
Yashasvi Jaiswal plays a shot during the Indian Premier League (IPL) Twenty20 cricket match between Mumbai Indians and Rajasthan Royals at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai

Rohit Sharma doesn’t want

Questions were raised on the form of Yashasvi Jaiswal before the RR vs GT 2024 IPL match on the pitch of Sawai Mansingh Stadium in Jaipur.

Rohit Sharma will captain Team India in the T20 World Cup 2024 to be held from June 1 and there is a lot of talk about the team before the big tournament. India’s young opener Yashasvi Jaiswal performed brilliantly during the 5-match India vs England Test series and was seen as the ideal partner to Rohit Sharma to open for India, but his average so far in IPL 2024 Low performance has raised concerns. Discussing Yashasvi Jaiswal’s form, the two former cricketers seem divided on Rohit Sharma’s priorities in the upcoming T20 World Cup.

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IPL Match Today: RR vs GT; Who will win the Rajasthan vs Gujarat match on 10th April?
Yashasvi Jaiswal scored only 39 runs in the first four matches of IPL 2024. Although Rajasthan Royals is performing brilliantly in the tournament, the form of its openers continues to be a matter of concern. Ahead of the T20 World Cup, the selectors are keeping a close eye on IPL 2024 and Yashasvi Jaiswal’s struggle may force them to reconsider their position.

Jaafar vs McClenaghan

Veteran cricketers Wasim Jaffer and Mitchell McClenaghan have disagreed on Yashasvi Jaiswal’s approach to IPL 2024 so far and while Jaffer wants the young opener to take his time before being aggressive, Mitchell McClenaghan believes that the T20 World Cup will be played from 2024 onwards. First, Rohit Sharma would like Yashasvi. Jaiswal will display aggressive cricket.

“He had a purple patch going on for a long time. And sometimes, when you come with no expectations, you can express yourself. Now, he is a big name, and I think looking at the way he is batting, he looks like he is trying to impose himself very early,” Wasim Jaffer told Cricbuzz.

“He needs to give himself some time, try to play traditional cricket initially. Brace yourself because the next man up at the end is Jos Buttler. You can take time out. It seems like he is making a lot of risky choices in the 3-4 matches he has played. When your timing is not right, sometimes you can’t hold on to it,” said the former Indian all-rounder.

T20 World Cup 2024 Factor

Former New Zealand fast bowler Mitchell McClenaghan does not want Yashasvi Jaiswal to wait and underlined the importance of a strong start ahead of the T20 World Cup 2024.

“I would say before Jos’s innings the other night that (Jaiswal) was in a role where he had to go after the ball and generate strike rates at the top. Jose was struggling. Now, Jose will be good from here, and he can attack. But that is not what we would be looking for in the World Cup. Rohit Sharma does not want this from his top order batsmen. He wants them to make positive choices, he wants them to be aggressive, he’s happy to score 30 off 15 and in that role, he’s not looking for important scores,” McClenaghan said.

Elaborating on Yashasvi Jaiswal’s game, Mitchell McClenaghan said that during the last match against Royal Challengers Bangalore, Yashasvi Jaiswal tried to put pressure on fast bowler Reece Topley and forced him to change his length.


“Even though it was a two-ball innings, he still tried to put pressure on Reece Topley. The first ball swung a lot; He tried to move out and change his length from Topley. Unfortunately, Topley bowled a good length ball which found the top edge. He wanted to put pressure on one of their leading bowlers; Still, I want him to continue playing the way he has because that’s the kind of cricket Rohit wants to see and his team needs it,” McClenaghan said.

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