Yash Thakur: A story ready for flight

Yash Thakur

Yash Thakur, who was once a disciple of Umesh Yadav in Vidarbha,’s brilliant innings against GT has ensured that he comes out of the shadows.
02 April 2011

Yash Thakur saw India win the ODI World Cup. He saw how the story of the tournament revolved around Sachin Tendulkar winning.

At that time, the 11-year-old boy wanted him to be present at Wankhede on the second day of April. He dreamed of lifting the trophy with his hands with open eyes and being there with Kohli and Dhoni and feeling the excitement of Tendulkar’s last World Cup.

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7 April 2024

The first innings of the match between Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) and Gujarat Titans (GT) is over. LSG had scored 163/5, and GT had a great start, with youngsters Shubman Gill and Sai Sudarshan scoring 54 runs in the first 35 balls of the game. Things were as easy for the Titans as Lucknow’s famous winter dessert butter malai, and the chase looked straightforward from there. Above all, GT’s batting line-up was perfectly suited to chase such a target.

Yash Thakur entered in the last over of the powerplay.

The off side was completely full for Gill, with two permitted fielders on the leg side boundary. Gill had already hit a four on the second ball of the over on a hard length delivery by creating room and threading the off-side field. He again tried to make space on the fifth ball but could not dodge the extra cover fielder.

The next delivery was cross seam, but it was full, bowled fast at 142.4 kmph and bang on the money. The ball turned inward, pitched full, hit Gill’s pad in an attempt to make space on the off side once again and bounced and hit the woodwork behind him.

to install. execution. Patience. Skill. And a knockout punch of a ball.

Yash clean bowled Gill and broke the back of GT’s target by dismissing their best batsman. No wonder when he was asked which wicket he liked the most during the post-match presentation, he said, “Shubman’s.”

In his IPL career, he has bowled only seven overs in the powerplay out of the 42.4 overs he has bowled so far. But for his state Vidarbha, he started as a new bowler when he came on the field for the first time. Later, he adapted himself as a death ball bowler because that was what Vidarbha needed.

This gave him the opportunity to acquire many skills at the age of just 25. From swinging the ball both ways down the pitch to turning it in the air, from bowling yorkers to bowling slower bouncers – you name the skill, and chances are the big speed bowler will already have it in his armoury.

So, what happened after Gill’s wicket when he came to bowl was not a surprise. He was selected by Supergiants in the auction for the same role. Anyway, a brilliant effort from the Lucknow spinners, who bowled ten overs with impressive figures of 4/48, broke the back of GT’s target.

When Yash came for his second spell, he not only broke the back of the chase. He severed its head from its body.

He deceived Vijay Shankar with a slow, wide bouncer. Shankar was quick into the shot, and he could only gently pass it to Rahul. Yash then extended his arms and lifted them up, probably in the hope that wickets would fall into his lap.


His next victim was Rashid Khan and as expected, his wicket fell in his bag. Yash again bowled a variation, slower, on a tougher length, and Rashid tried to take it from Lucknow to Ayodhya. Of course he could not do so as his shot did not go beyond the 30-yard circle and was caught at mid-off. His next two wickets also came on fast short balls, which he hit on the pitch and Rahul Tewatia and Noor Ahmed tried unsuccessfully to crush them.

At this point, it is worth noting how he relied on stealthy changes of pace after the powerplay. Yet, during the powerplay, he relied on pace-on deliveries, which showed the adaptability and abundance of skills he possesses.

He saw that Umesh Yadav was bowling in the powerplay in the first innings and he was getting seam movement. He saw him get two wickets off the back of length. He saw that the slow bowlers and the balls were getting a good grip on the pitch.

So, when he bowled the sixth ball he decided to bowl at a faster pace, but later in the game, while trying out his variations, he started making variations and pitched the ball on a shorter and tighter length.

The boy who started his cricket career with the hope of one day experiencing the atmosphere after winning the World Cup final took five wickets in front of a packed stadium in the world’s biggest cricket league.
However, it took him 13 years to reach here. His coach Praveen Hingnikar made him work hard for thirteen years, besides he was groomed as Umesh’s disciple in the Vidarbha setup when he later joined it. This required encouragement from Umesh and then an absolutely brilliant bowling average (14.4), economy (6.7) and strike rate (12.9) for Vidarbha

Setup when he joined it later. It took Umesh’s encouragement and then absolutely brilliant bowling average (14.4), economy (6.7) and strike rate (12.9) for Vidarbha in the T20s to get noticed and selected by the IPL team.

This was not a short journey. But what that trip did today was allow LSG to maintain their excellent record while defending their total despite having a fast bowler (Mayank Yadav).

Hopefully he felt the atmosphere at the Ikana Stadium today with thousands and lakhs of LSG fans cheering for him because one thing is for sure from here. A plane named Yash Thakur has taxied. It’s on the runway.

However, can those at the top of air traffic control provide a clear path for the 25-year-old fast bowler?

It remains to be seen, as their story is just ready to begin.

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