“Ederson Talks Leadership, Pep’s Future, and Man City’s Pursuit of Liverpool”

Ederson tells Sky Sports about his Man City leadership role and why he doesn’t expect Pep Guardiola to follow in Jurgen Klopp’s footsteps in the near future; Watch Brentford vs Man City live on Sky Sports Premier League & Main Event from 6.30pm on Monday

“I will support my teammates in any situation,” Ederson told Sky Sports as he reflected on the flashpoint in a first-floor meeting room at Manchester City’s training ground.

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“I’ll always try to protect them as much as I can, especially a young player like Rico, who was only asking questions because there was off-the-ball contact on John [Stones] before the push. I just protect him. I’m doing it. It’s part of the game. But I’ll do it no matter what.”

Ederson was booked for this incident. But there was no complaint from Pep Guardiola. A year earlier, he had accused his players of lacking “guts and guts” for failing to defend Lewis from continuous fouling against Tottenham. This time he liked the response

“It makes us feel alive,” he said in his press conference later. “Last season was flat in that period, so this is better. We have to defend ourselves because nobody will defend us.”


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Obviously, the message has reached the players. Having recovered from last season’s slump to win the treble, City are bringing the fight back, with their goalkeeper summing up their determination.

When Ederson was asked if he felt more fire in the group now, he said, “Yeah, absolutely.” “I think a lot of that is down to the mentality we’ve built into the team. It’s very important, especially after last season, when we won everything and enjoyed immense success.

“I think it’s even more difficult to maintain it. But the mentality of the group is to keep going and win everything again.

“That will be our aim until the end of the season.”

As good as anyone, Ederson knows what it takes to cross the line. He has been there for City’s every success under Guardiola. Having reached the age of 23 in 2017, he is now one of their longest serving players and leader. Does he enjoy the extra responsibility?

His answer provides an insight into the dressing room dynamics that fuel the city’s continued pursuit of more silverware.

“There are still not many players here from when I came here,” he says, smiling. “Only five or six, if I’m not mistaken. Of course, they consider me one of the leaders. Only Not only me but all the old players of the group.

“But I think respect comes before anything else. The players here take things into account, no matter who they’re talking to, whether it’s a 20-year-old or a 33-year-old in Kyle [Walker’s] case.
“We’re not precious here. We listen to each other and we take things on board very well. We’re willing to talk to whoever needs to give some advice to a teammate to keep the group moving forward. , he is welcome.”

It is partly for this reason that City have been able to absorb the departures of senior players such as Ilkay Gundogan, Joao Cancelo and Aymeric Laporte last year. The side is young, with its average age falling below 27. And yet, according to Ederson, it is also stronger and more experienced.

“I think the team is a good mix of 30-year-olds and young guys,” he explains. “And the young players are also very experienced because of what we have won. For example, Rico, Phil [Foden], these are really young guys but they have won a lot of trophies.

“Julian [Alvarez] and Erling [Haaland] have also won a lot. That experience comes to the fore. Our team has a lot to offer despite being so young. And I have to mention again the mentality, always wanting more and Always want to play good football. It shines everywhere.”

This certainly shines through in Ederson, whose key role in last year’s treble was recently awarded the FIFA Men’s Goalkeeper of the Year award. He has reached the pinnacle. Excellent with your own hands; Even better with your feet.

And yet, in his seventh season at City, his hunger for improvement remains. “I try to improve every day and work every day to get better. I think every player has to have that mentality, because everyone in life can improve. Every day you can learn something new.”

One day Pep will have to go but I don’t see it happening now, I see it in the distant future
Ederson on Pep Guardiola
In this sense, it is helpful to have Guardiola as your boss. Jurgen Klopp’s revelation that he will leave Liverpool at the end of the season has brought the manager’s future into focus. But Ederson believes the 53-year-old still has more to offer at City.

He says, “One day Pep will also have to go but I don’t see that happening now, I see it in the more distant future.” “Of course, we can’t walk in other people’s shoes. I don’t know what’s going on for anyone else, or what’s going on in anyone else’s mind.”

“But, mainly in Klopp’s case, such a decision involves many factors beyond football – family, I don’t know what else. He is a human being, and it comes before his profession.

“Any human being has to put his family, his mental health, his family’s well-being first. I hope he can get a good period of rest because he’s a great manager. He’s done a lot for Liverpool.

“He has led one of the toughest teams we have faced over the last few years. I wish him all the best for the future.”

Ederson’s approach shows that he has “matured”, to use Guardiola’s word. But holding on is the priority for Klopp’s team and it is partly thanks to their goalkeeper that it now feels like a possibility.

The weather in the city was blowing. But Ederson helped ensure the FIFA Club World Cup in Saudi Arabia marked a turning point.

“It was an important competition not only for us as players, but also for the club,” explains Ederson. “The club had not won this trophy before, so it was an important competition.

“It’s especially special for South American players like Julian and me. In South America, they win this competition more. We know the fans are mesmerized by this trophy.


“I tried to convey to my teammates in South America the importance of this title. I think they absorbed the advice I gave them and we gained some momentum from there.

“We had a less strong time just before the Club World Cup, but the team has found good form again. The main reason we have been able to do this is because our mentality has come through again.”

The result means they will face Brentford on Monday Night Football after eight consecutive wins in all competitions.

Traveling to West London is a strange thing. They had lost twice to Thomas Frank’s team last season. But Kevin De Bruyne and Haaland are again available. It feels like the city is hitting its stride.

“I think there have been times this season where we’ve had the whole team, we’ve been more focused,” Ederson says. “We are training as normal. Erling is back from injury and Kevin is also back after a long time. It’s great to see all our players together on the field again, healthy and ready to play the next match. Ready for.”

Meanwhile, it is ominous for their rivals. Recent evidence suggests that Ederson in particular is ready for the battle ahead.

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