luka modric Croatia national football team

luka modric Croatia national football team

As soon as the final whistle blows in the fight for the bronze medal, the entire nation rises to its feet and cheers are heard throughout Croatia.

As the FIFA World Cup 2022 concludes in Qatar, the Luka Modric-led Croatian national football team secured third place and with it, a bronze medal that shines like gold.

Croatian football fans welcomed their team home following the achievement, with thousands of supporters lining the streets of Zagreb in support of their heroes.


Because he is.

As a country with a population of only 3.8 million people, the Croatian national team has conquered football giants such as Brazil, whose population is 55 times that of Croatia.

Statistically, the odds are ridiculous.

And certainly not in our favor.

Fearlessly, we persevere, we play as one, and we win.

And yet many people still don’t understand propaganda.

But the truth is that it is not just about football.

Despite the historical, economic and political challenges faced by this small but mighty country, we always keep fighting.

This fighting spirit and unity leads the Croatian national football team to success. It is the motivation that gets us up in the morning and, despite adversity, helps us overcome our most significant obstacle.

The secret behind the success of the Croatian national football team

we play together

With the presence of players like Neymar, Messi, Mbappé and De Bruyne in the world’s most popular sport, there is certainly no shortage of talent on the field. However, often, stars like these are privileged to have a special position in their team’s hierarchy.

Croatian team manager Zlatko Dalić bucks this trend in order to encourage newcomers to also make their voices heard. Instead, he takes a low-key approach, entrusting captain Luka Modric and his experienced teammates to lead by example.

Fight for Your Passions

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There is a certain sense of pride that comes with representing your country, and in the words of Dalić, “Whatever we do, we do for Croatia.”

It’s that simple.

This is also reflected in an interview given by Modric in the new FIFA+ documentary called Captain.

“Becoming captain of Croatia is the realization of all my dreams,” he says. “Playing for Croatia is sacred for us. It is an indescribable kind of love. For me there is no better feeling than playing for my country. I would love to play for my country as long as they need me and as long as I can help them.

never give up

As a team that is often mistakenly overlooked, the Croatian football team once again brought our country front and center of the football stage and proved that Croatia is a force to be reckoned with. Since 1998, Croatia is tied with Germany and France for claiming the most number of top three finishes at the FIFA World Cup.

But this success is not limited to football only.

In fact, Croatia has talent in many fields, winning praise on the world stage in the following sports:

And that’s just to name a few. This relentless mentality of never giving up clearly runs through the veins of the Croatian people.

be polite

It’s easy to lose your mind when you become a sports legend. The ego swells. Rumors about diva-like behavior begin to spread rapidly.

The same cannot be said about Luka Modric. Even after decades of playing the game, he is still described as a gentleman, an excellent actor, and a man with a heart of gold. After defeating the Brazilians, Modrić postponed his celebrations to console his Real Madrid teammate Rodrigo, who was clearly distraught after the game.

Coming from a humble background and living in a war-torn country has undoubtedly shaped the captain into the person he is today. Nevertheless, Croatian national team players consider him their idol.

Not only does he perform brilliantly on the pitch physically, but he is also a mentor, guiding his teammates and providing emotional support throughout.

Proving that he is in a league of his own, Modric always leads the way, displaying kindness and compassion at every turn.


Croatia’s FIFA World Cup bronze medal is no less than gold

Although Croatia failed to reach the top spot at this year’s FIFA World Cup in Qatar, the team was certainly celebrated. Their skill, humility, fierce spirit, unity and endless love for their nation displayed by the players are all qualities that propelled them towards their success.

As one of the smallest countries taking part, it cannot be denied that quantity does not always equal quality.

From one small but mighty team to another, we at Bruneco Charter want to say thank you for making us proud. Frequently.

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